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1. Do not use special characters in your file names. Here's a listing of prohibited characters:

< > [ ] { } ( ) / \ ' " | + * $ !

* Please note any prohibited characters will automatically be removed from the file name during the upload process.

2. Do not use spaces in your file names.

3. Use your browser to launch our HTML based interface or launch your ftp client software.

4. To connect with your ftp client you need to know three major items: hostname, username, and password. The hostname is ftp.alliedprinting.com. Call your Production Planner for a username and password.

5. After sending us a file, please email your Production Planner so that we'll know your file is waiting for us. Otherwise, we'll have no indication that you have uploaded the file.

If you have any questions on how to send us a file or to retrieve a file please call your Production Plannner at (860) 643-1101.
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